MHMBC has two worship services each Sunday, a morning and an evening service. Each service is centered around the preaching of God's Word, but also contains prayer, Scripture reading, singing, and more. Below you can learn about our current sermon series as well as the songs we sing.

Coming for the first time? Services typically last around an hour and fifteen minutes with sermons taking up around 40 minutes of that time (don't worry, we have comfy chairs!)  Our morning service begins at 11am and our evening service begins at 6pm. Some of our folks dress up more than others, but most come dressed business casual. We offer a nursery for children 3 and under and have hearing assistance devices available for those who need them. We trust you'll find a warm and welcoming atmosphere, but don't be shy.  Feel free to introduce yourself and let us get to know you better!


The Gospel of Luke

Throughout 2019 we'll be walking verse by verse through the opening chapters of Luke, focusing our eyes on the glory and truth of Jesus Christ. Through these studies we are praying that God will cause our faith to strengthen, our hope to increase, and our love to abound!


Romans 13-14

How should Christians relate to the governments under which they live? What is the role of conscience in the Christian life? Is it ever right to disobey a government? What does love look like when you strongly disagree with the decisions of another believer?  We will be exploring wonderful, practical truths from Romans 13-14 throughout 2019 during our evening services.

The Songs We Sing

Singing is a powerful way in which we come together to praise our God. Both Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16 teach that the way we honor God in singing is not by seeking to have some sort of emotional “me-and-God” experience, but by singing God’s truth into the ears of one another so that we might better hide that truth in our hearts. Singing is our opportunity to teach one another the most important truths in the world in a memorable and joyful way. Since it is the words of the songs that really matter, we don’t worry so much about whether a song is “traditional” or “contemporary”. We sing psalms, classic hymns, modern hymns, and the occasional chorus all in a simple style. We want the music to serve our singing and our thinking about the words of each song.